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Smokehouse Favorites —


Sliced Bacon

1/2 and 1 pound packages.

Smoked Jerky

Mesquite smoked eye of round beef .


Bacon Jam

A sweet and savory treat. Goes great on cheese, crackers, breads and added to Bloody Marys.

Righteous bacon!
— Adam M (New York)
David’s smoked salmon is the most flavorful, smoky salmon I have ever tasted. Most smoked salmons taste the same; not this one. The smoky dill flavor jumps out at you immediately. I will definitely keep this stocked in my refrigerator.
— Alison G (Woodstock)
Newsflash!!!!! This bacon is exceptional!
— Derek M (New Orleans)
Awesome!!! Five stars! We all loved the flavors and the consistent quality. Juniper berry taste was amazing!!! And, my buddy, Mike, and I both agree that we didn’t feel gross/bloaty/thirsty after eating. Will absolutely order more!
— Allison P (Boston)
Bacon jam is all gone. Amazing. Best sh*t I ever had!
— Ellie R (new Orleans)
My boyfriend and I have built this bacon into our routine every Sunday morning, and every Sunday morning I am surprised by how damn good it tastes all over again
— Katie C (San Francisco)